At Strut we believe dance is for EVERYONE - any age, any race, any shape and any size. A boutique dance experience where you are a name and not a number. We cap class sizes to ensure each student receives individual attention from their teacher, and aim to develop each student to achieve their own personal best while having loads of fun.


Join an amazing and uplifting community of women who support each other. Leave your worries at the door, lose yourself in the music, dance hard, make life long friends, have fun and feel good about yourself. Get your weekly dance fix at Strut Entertainment!

We collaborate with Melbourne Bellydance on all of our Bellydance classes to stay at the forefront of Middle Eastern dance and provide a culturally authentic experience. Read more about Melbourne Bellydance here.



hip hop 


Thursday's 6:30pm | Alphington


int / adv

Tuesday's 7:30pm | Richmond

reggaeton beginner

Thursday's 7:30pm | Alphington



Wednesday's 6:30pm | Alphington


Connect to your inner goddess through the art of Bellydance.Through this class we break down foundation Bellydance movements and teach students how to join their movements together through use of combinations

Bellydance helps you to connect with your body in ways you never dreamed of - achieving muscular awareness, awakening feminine energy, shaking your cares away, connecting with other beautiful woman and above all just having a great time.


This class is recommended for Absolute Beginners or any students wishing to to refine basic Bellydance techniques.


Pay tribute to your inner Queen through the grace, elegance and fire of Brazilian Samba.


Through this class we break down the foundations of Samba and teach students how to join the movements together through use of combinations.


Focusing predominantly on the Samba basic step, you will also learn complimentary movements including posing, parading, body movement and footwork.

This class is recommended for Absolute Beginners or people who have not learned Brazilian Samba before.


Take your Bellydance skills to the next level with our Open Level class. In this class we use drills to progress Bellydance techniques, whilst delving into Middle Eastern Rhythms, musicality and both Oriental and folkloric choreography.


Suiting all levels from beyond beginner to advanced, this class is designed to challenge each individual and help you to discover your hidden abilities, while having lots of fun. 

This medium to high intensity belly dance class is recommended for students who have already completed a Bellydance fundamentals course. 



Take your Samba skills to the next level with Samba Open weekly classes. Work on foundations, speed, strength, footwork, musicality and styling and choreography to progress Samba technique.

Suiting all levels from beyond beginner to advanced, this class is designed to challenge you and make you sweat, while having a great time. 


Learn not just steps but how to marry those steps to the music assisting you to grow your own individual samba style.

This high intensity class is recommended for students who have completed a Samba fundamentals course. 


*** ON HOLD ***

Tribal fusion bellydance takes traditional bellydance and fuses it with influences from other dance styles such as flamenco, contemporary, hip hop, and indian, incorporating modern music to match.


This style of bellydance is particularly known for its serpentine movements contrasted with sharp, muscular locks and pops and it adaptable to almost any style of music.

In this class we drill tribal fusion movement, with optional layers added for those looking for a challenge, and learn a fun combination.


Unleash your inner Wild Woman through the fierce and sensual Reggaeton dance.


Through this class we break down foundation Reggaeton movements and teach students how to join movements together through choreography.


Explore different dynamics as we work with hard hitting staccato movements as well as more sensual, fluid movement, and learn about the different influences of modern day Reggaeton including afro, latin, urban and other flavours.  

Suitable for Absolute Beginners to Intermediate level dancers.


"I am absolutely loving my Bellydance clases at Strut. Kristina is super throrough in teaching every techniue. Her use of analagies makes it easy to pick up every time. The class sizes are small enough that you get plenty of 1 on 1 with the teacher to get a deeper understanding of everything taught. Kristina's positive and charismatic personality makes every class a fun filled and uplifting experiece. Thank you dearly Kristina"





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At Strut Entertainment, we are passionate about delivering high quality, culturally authentic entertainment.


We pride ourselves on delivering energetic and glamorous entertainment, with an array of Brazilian, Latin & Middle Eastern entertainment options, we promise an experience your guests will never forget.

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Strut Studio's is the home of cultural dance in Melbourne. From our studio's in Alphington and Richmond, we offer weekly classes, performance groups and private lessons for all levels from Beginner to Advanced. 

Cultural dance is our passion with a range of dance styles available including Bellydance, Brazilian Samba, Hip Hop and Reggaeton.


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