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At Strut we believe dance is for EVERYONE - any age, any race, any shape and any size. A boutique dance experience where you are a name and not a number. We cap class sizes to ensure each student receives individual attention from their teacher, and aim to develop each student to achieve their own personal best.


Join an amazing and uplifting community who support each other. Lose yourself in the music, leave your worries at the door, dance hard, make life long friends, have fun and feel good about yourself!

We offer a range of casual classes from Beginner all the way to Advanced, including Bellydance, Brazilian Samba, Reggaeton and Hip Hop dance classes. With the option to attend casually, enrol in a course or even buy a multi class pass to try out all the different styles that tickle your fancy, we have something for everyone!

Read on to see our timetable and find out more about our classes and pricing options.



Our pay as you go option gives you the flexibility to attend the classes you want, when you want, with a simple fee per attendance.

60 min casual class - $25

90 min casual class - $30

enrol in a


If you want to specialize in a specific dance style, our short courses are the perfect option. Receive a $5 discount per class by enrolling in one of our 5 or 10 week courses.

60 min classes - $20 per class

90 min classes - $25 per class

buy a multi class pass

Not sure which style you want to try yet or want to try them all? Our Flexi passes offer the variety and flexibility for you to attend any of our casual classes across all dance styles at a discounted price.

60 min class - $20

90 min class - $25




Belly dance is a Middle Eastern expressive dance, famous for its percussive movements and complex isolations of the torso and hips.


Its origins are said to lie in Egypt, however Bellydance can refer to a range of dances from the Middle East, North Africa, and surrounding areas such as Greece and Turkey. 

Through this class we break down the foundations of Bellydance focusing on body isolation as well as both percussive and fluid movements, shimmies and vibrations. 


Each week we focus on strengthening the foundations, with the eventual aim of joining movements together through combinations.




Develop your art with our new Intermediate - Advanced Bellydance Technique & Drills class.


Our current series focuses on the art of the drum solo - incorporating complex isolations and locks, layered shimmies, travelling steps and more.


Learn a drum solo choreography to add to your reportoire, and work on musicality, styling and strengthening your foundations to take your Bellydance skills to the next level.


Our internationally trained instructor Alisa promises to provide challenges for everyone, no matter what level you are at, while having lots of fun.




Samba is a Brazilian music genre and dance style notable for its fast footwork and powerful hips which, when coupled with the beats of the drums, leaves audences entranced.


Its origins lie in the west coast of Africa, coming to Brazil through the slave trade. It is the music genre and dance most closely linked to Rio de Janeiro.

Through this class we break down the foundations of Samba, focusing on the Samba basic step as well as signature movements such as posing, parading, footwork and body movement.


Each week we focus on strengthening the foundations with the eventual aim of joining movements together through combinations.

hip hop



Hip hop is a high energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dance.


Through this class we break down movements and grooves synonomous with Hip hop and classes encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements.


Hip hop dance develops strength and stamina and includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a focus on choreography to have you dancing like a boss in no time.




Reggaeton is the fusion of Jamaican, Latin and Hip Hop flavours. Originating in Panama, and made famous in Puerto Rico, the style focuses on strong and sensual hip movements and often incorporates Hip Hop, Latin, Afro and Dancehall influences.


In this class, we explore fundamental Reggaeton movements and choreography to unleash the wild fire within and have you feel like you're in the streets of Puerto Rico.


technique & drills


Develop your Samba with our new Samba Technique & Drills course.


Suitable for Intermediate and Advanced Samba Dancers, our current series focuses on the art of dancing to drums, incorporating complex footwork, turn patterns, travelling steps and more.


Learn combinations you can to add to your reportoire, or use when freestyling to drums, and work on musicality, stylisation and strengthening your foundations to take your Samba skills to the next level, while having lots of fun.



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